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Crypto Moons

The first pixelated Moons NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypto Moon NFT

Each Crypto Moon is also a ticket to a lottery prize of

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What makes Crypto Moons a special NFT project ?

Our team worked tirelessly to construct this project from the ground up. Lots of research has been put into it combining both designers and scientists. Our Moonies follow the same distribution of the moon phases as in real life!

Moon Phases

Our core value is to benefit our community as much as possible. That’s why each Moonie will be a ticket to a grand lottery with a prize of $100,000. The lottery will be enforced in our smart contract so everyone gets a fair chance to win!

Crypto Moon Lottery

There are only 3,369 unique Crypto Moons that will ever be minted.

But that’s not all, many Moonies will let you literally own a real piece of land on the Moon. Lookout for the property “Moon Landlord” in your NFT! (Certificates of ownership from More cash prizes drops as well with each NFT

We simply want to take our Crypto Moons NFT community to the Moon 🚀

Early Access22nd of October 1PM EST

A group of Cryptonauts is too excited to wait for the offical launch date and early wave of space explorer. With the knowledge they aquired they set out earlier than anyone to make it first to the Moon.

They'll be known as the Space Pioneers

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✨- Legendary Cards Drop guaranteed
Marilyn Monroe
Legendary Card

Featured Space Pioneers

Official Road Map

We choose to go to the Moon

We choose to go to
the Moon

Our journey through the cryptoverse has just begun. And our first destination is naturally the Moon.

Whitelisted Cryptonauts will be selected to lead the first wave to the moon on the 22nd of October.

We choose to go to the Moon

Moon Landing

D-Day. 23rd of October, Cryptonauts from all over the world will Make their landings and mark history for ages to come.

Many NFTs will drop amazing prizes such as owning a real piece of land on the Moon. Also the road to the final prize, the $100,000 Lottery, begins here!

We choose to go to the Moon

To infinity and Beyond

Space exploration doesn’t end here. On the contrary it’s just the beginning. We’ll let you guess where we plan to go next but some might have it already figured out ;)

🚨 Partnership with crypto gaming lab 🚨

What does that mean? Well Simply said you will be able to play live with friends and earn with your MooniesWe will publicly announce our partners identity this November.


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